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Chef Focus: Basant Darnal of 8848

Basant Darnal’s culinary career has seen him work all over the world before coming to Aberdeen to head up the kitchen team at 8848, the innovative and popular Nepalese and Indian restaurant on Aberdeen’s Union Street.

‘I was born in India and trained at the prestigious Oberoi School in Chennai, before starting my culinary career in Calcutta. In 2006, I came to the UK to work under Eric Chavot at the Capital Hotel, having been at the award-winning signature restaurant at the Hyatt Regency in Katmandu in Nepal. I’ve even cooked at a few Nepalese state banquets along the way and I also worked in a Thai restaurant for several years, which taught me a lot about Asian flavours and techniques. This is at the heart of my passion for making the best of local ingredients fused with modern cookery techniques and recipes.

‘At 8848, I’m in charge of the menus and I work on ideas for new dishes, projects and expansion. I like to create something new from traditional ingredients with a modern twist, like our tandoori scallops with mango salsa. It’s about drawing on the best of many cultures to make something that tastes wonderful! I’m a big fan of the chatpatta style. I like bold, tangy flavours that also have a subtle curry hint. I’m always looking to include more organic ingredients and soul foods. That’s why I create dishes like our monkfish Balti and chicken lasoni methi, but I also love a really simple dal.

‘If I weren’t a chef, I’d like to have been the manager of a good restaurant as I am passionate about consumer behaviour and service. I always remember the words of a poet, who said, ‘If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.’

‘It’s a principle I follow in life: be grateful for what you have and work for better.’

Picture: Basant is pictured with 8848 chef Nabil Bista, who is dressed in black.

Credit: Trend Magazine

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